Founder of LifeMaster Consulting firm, Former HR VP of Medtronic Greater China

Born in the Northwest border area of China, Sherry Zhang spent her academic and professional life in different locations and multiple industries in China and abroad. She carries over 30 years of working experience in MNCs, mainly in HR field. Sherry was the former HR Vice President of the Greater China region for Medtronic, the world leading medical device company.

Sherry graduated from the Sun Yat-sen University with Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration in 1992; and obtained her Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2003 from the National University of Singapore,

As a lifetime learner, Sherry has genuine desires in growing self and others. She sets clear “LEAD” as her life attitude:

  • Live life with love and learn
  • Explore, experience, enjoy and express
  • Aware, accept, adapt and appreciate
  • Do, define, develop and devote

Her current life purpose statement is “Create, share to enlighten.”

Sherry is excited to move to the US for the DCI program, together with her husband and son for a special year in their life.