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Stanford DCI was founded on the premise that a return to college in mid- to later-life could positively impact individuals, institutions, and societies by providing opportunities for renewed purpose, community connections and wellness. Based on feedback from faculty, students, DCI Fellows and the broader Stanford community, it is clear that the DCI program is making a difference. From student mentoring initiatives, to engagement with Stanford’s Centers and Institutes, to collaboration with other institutions and the launch of new enterprises and careers post-DCI – the relationships and interests fostered by DCI have led to positive impacts locally and globally.

We look forward to continuing to expand and enhance the contributions of the program and our community. For more information on how DCI Fellows, program initiatives, partnership, and support are making a difference, please see the four areas below.

Profiles of Impact

Drawing from their unique DCI experience, our Fellows create purpose-driven pursuits to address important social issues and real-world problems on the local, national and global level. In this series, Profiles of Impact, we will share the stories of how DCI affects these individuals leading them to make an impact in a variety of ways.

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Give for Impact

DCI is preparing for the next phase of programmatic evolution, including the transition of individuals who have founded and shaped the program through this moment. During this time DCI has sustained its excellence and has successfully recruited the next generation of leaders, including a new Executive Director and Associate Director. This year DCI will witness the transition of its Founding Director and its Research Director, presenting the opportunity to recruit new leaders who will foster the continued integration of DCI into the Stanford community and who can further the excellence of its programs locally and globally.

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Impact Initiatives

The DCI program provides a range of opportunities for current DCI Fellows, Partners and DCI alumni who want to continue their engagement and learning with the program and Stanford University. A key goal is to harness the talent and expertise of the DCI Fellows to benefit Stanford and beyond, as well as create social and economic impact with other DCI Fellows. Access to these initiatives is limited to active participants who are members of the DCI community.

Current projects include the efforts addressing Inclusive Communities, Poverty and Inequality, and Police Reform which were launched by DCI’s Racial Justice and Equity group in 2020.

Collaborate for Impact

DCI Fellows and alumni have forged connections with Stanford’s Centers, Institutes and Programs and are frequently sought as mentors and project partners on student projects and entrepreneurial ventures. DCI also has impact outside of Stanford as Fellows focus on finding purpose. Many Fellows give back to Stanford and their local communities, which is well-aligned with Stanford’s mission and enhances Stanford’s reputation as a leader in transforming higher education to serve new and growing societal needs.

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