The DCI Experience

The DCI program provides a year of thoughtful reflection and reinvigoration, which our alumni affirm is a dynamic and “life-changing” experience.  We do this through the three pillars of Purpose, Community, and Wellness, by offering:

  • Academic discovery and immersion through access to courses and programs across Stanford’s seven schools.
  • A stimulating and supportive new community of colleagues and a robust network of Stanford faculty and staff.
  • Curated programming and resources to support physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Holistic exploration of individual meaning and purpose in later life.
  • Mutually beneficial opportunities for intergenerational collaboration, learning, and mentoring.
  • Exploration of opportunities for meaningful future endeavors.
  • Ongoing learning and engagement with a vibrant alumni network.

    DCI’s Pillars

    Dave Evans giving a DCI design your life presentation


    Each person’s life journey is unique. DCI takes a holistic approach to supporting Fellows/Partners as they explore interests and renew their purpose.

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    Sierra Orchards with Craig McNamara


    One of the most important and valued pillars of DCI is the opportunity to build friendships with individuals from around the world who are exploring their personal journeys and who are eager to share experiences with a new group of colleagues.

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    DCI Fellows engaging in yoga


    DCI Fellows and Partners are supported by faculty Wellness Specialists with expertise in various aspects of well-being including physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

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    Program Overview

    The DCI program is built around three interconnected pillars: Renewing Purpose, Building Community and Recalibrating Health and Wellness. These three pillars serve as the foundational elements around which DCI is constructed and implemented during the year of fellowship and those that follow. 


    A Day in the Life

    The DCI schedule includes two weekly seminars involving all members of the DCI cohort and faculty from across the University. Fellows participate alongside students in University courses that may require assignments to be done inside and outside the classroom. The DCI program also includes periodic evening events with Stanford speakers as well as quarterly colloquia, half-day virtual events with experts from around the globe.

    Beyond these structured activities, Fellows and Partners may wish to take advantage of the many extra-curricular opportunities provided through dciX community initiatives, special events outside of the program and also attend the vast array of intellectual, artistic and athletic events at Stanford.