The DCI Experience

Program Overview

The DCI program is built around three interconnected pillars: Renewing Purpose, Building Community and Recalibrating Health and Wellness. These three pillars serve as the foundational elements around which DCI is constructed and implemented during the year of fellowship and those that follow. 


A Day in the Life

The DCI schedule includes two weekly seminars involving all members of the DCI cohort and faculty from across the University. Fellows participate alongside students in University courses that may require assignments to be done inside and outside the classroom. The DCI program also includes periodic evening events with Stanford speakers as well as quarterly colloquia, half-day virtual events with experts from around the globe.
Beyond these structured activities, Fellows and Partners may wish to take advantage of the many extra-curricular opportunities provided through dciX community initiatives, special events outside of the program and also attend the vast array of intellectual, artistic and athletic events at Stanford.


Dive in and learn new ways of thinking! Stanford is one of the most creative, energetic, and entrepreneurial learning environments in the world. DCI Fellows have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary programs across the University’s seven schools. The breadth and depth of opportunities at Stanford are unique and virtually unlimited.


DCI Fellows bring different perspectives, lifelong wisdom, and experience to campus which provides a very special opportunity for students and Fellows to interact and learn from and teach one another through intergenerational learning, teaching and mentoring.


A place apart from everyday life, a physical retreat for a community of scholars, Stanford’s property encompasses over 8200 acres including 1,160 acres dedicated to academic spaces where you will discover Stanford’s characteristic sandstone buildings topped with red-tiled roofs, unique works of art, historical fountains, and a variety of native plants on Stanford landscape of “power and gentleness.”


Your DCI cohort will become your core community. Before you even step foot on campus, you will begin getting to know the members of your cohort who bring diverse backgrounds and life experiences to share. Together you will learn and celebrate and support each other as you journey through your DCI year and beyond.


Creativity and the arts are part of the Stanford experience. DCI Fellows create and participate in various arts communities, including dance, drama, creative writing, music, media and film. Stanford is home to two art museums and several smaller galleries and multiple performance venues with a variety of performances held throughout the year.


Prepare to be mesmerized by speakers who are leaders in their fields with their accomplishments recognized around the world. DCI’s agenda includes a weekly seminar, periodic evening events, and quarterly colloquia involving all members of the DCI community and faculty from across the University.


Stanford has everything you need to recalibrate your wellness. DCI Fellows have access to numerous Stanford resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Fellows can participate in group fitness programs, recreational classes, and wellness courses, as well as regular programming on components of health and wellness that impact long-term outcomes for improved health span.


Broaden your horizons and take advantage of the vast array of intellectual, artistic, and athletic events at Stanford. Top-level speakers visit the campus regularly including world leaders, statesmen, renowned entrepreneurs, international corporate leaders, and prolific authors. DCI Fellows are often seen rooting in the stands at various Stanford sporting events including football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

More than a Year

The DCI experience continues long after the initial fellowship year. Relationships are strengthened and new connections made through DCIConnect, a private portal for the entire DCI community. DCI alumni are included in online town halls, quarterly colloquia, and the annual DCI Community Celebration.

DCI alumni are welcome to participate or initiate involvement in dciX, a forum for DCI Fellows to work together across cohorts to create social and economic impact.

The quarterly DCI Alumni Network Newsletter keeps the entire DCI community informed of activities among all cohorts. Other pursuits for the DCI alumni community include book clubs, a Salon series, virtual gatherings, regional clubs and travel around the world.