Collaborate for Impact

DCI is proud to collaborate with several organizations at Stanford and beyond to help create a new paradigm for the university of the future. 

Collaborators at Stanford

DCI Fellows and alumni have forged connections with Stanford’s Centers, Institutes and Programs and are frequently sought as mentors and project partners on student projects and entrepreneurial ventures, including with the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, Stanford Women in Business; Stanford Venture Studio, Cardinal Ventures, and Lean Launch Pad. Faculty leaders appreciate the real-world connections and access that Fellows provide and Fellows enjoy the opportunity to give back to support faculty research and student programs.

Stanford Law School’s Law and Policy Lab report, “Developing an Outcomes Framework for the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability,” exemplifies how DCI Fellows work together with Stanford students to produce innovative solutions. 

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Collaboration Beyond Stanford

DCI’s focus on finding purpose, which for many Fellows includes giving back to Stanford and their local communities, is well-aligned with the University’s mission and enhances Stanford’s reputation as a leader in transforming higher education to serve emerging societal needs.

The Landscape of Caregiving Innovations Report is an outcome of DCI’s partnership with Pivotal Ventures. The Lanscape report sets out to find ways of accelerating innovations for caregivers of older adults, identify roadblocks, and develop a caregiving solutions blueprint for others to use and build upon. Our goal is to catalyze fresh thinking and ignite a passionate, mission-driven community of innovators to help transform the concepts outlined in this report into actual resources, services, and businesses, with significant market impact.

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The Nexel Collaborative

As a founding member of the Nexel Collaborative, Stanford DCI has played a leading role in sharing information and best practices for mid-life transition programs with institutions from community colleges to large public universities across the globe. Nexel provides a unique platform for extending the DCI concept, allowing institutions to explore different paths and programmatic components to meet the unique needs of their communities.

Founding Partners of the Nexel Collaborative:

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