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In 2022, DCI alumni and friends launched the Plan to Secure the Future of DCI initiative with the goal of bringing the community together to support this unique and special program and the communities it serves.  Just as Fellows transition to new life stages, the program underwent important transitions in 2022 – welcoming new leadership and becoming even more fully integrated into the Stanford community.  The funds raised for the Plan to Secure the Future will allow us to honor the program’s founders, including our Founding Faculty Director, Phil Pizzo and inaugural Research Director, Iris Litt, while creating a sustainable pathway forward for continued improvement and impact.

We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from the DCI community, which allowed this initiative to be so successful – providing funds for strategic program initiatives, including scholarships for diverse applicants, funding for innovative programs and research, and support for leadership via a Faculty Directorship fund.  Over 76% of alumni and Fellows contributed to this effort within its inaugural year, further demonstrating the incredible commitment, enthusiasm, and generosity of this community.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that DCI continues to provide unique opportunities for Fellows to discover, collaborate, and contribute for years to come!

Give to DCI

Faculty Directorship

This fund will provide ongoing funding, through a 10-year expendable endowment, for the recruitment and retention of a Faculty Director with a record of superior scholarly accomplishment, as well as experience building

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relationships and forging partnerships across the University community. The Faculty Director will continue to play a leading role in the strategic direction of DCI, including program design and expansion, and collaboration with faculty and University partners. The Faculty Director also serves as an ambassador for DCI to the University community and beyond, and plays an important role in building relationships and identifying areas for partnership on strategic University initiatives. This fund will allow us to recruit and retain future faculty leaders who are passionate about the program and can continue to expand and enrich DCI’s contributions to Stanford and beyond.

This fund will provide financial support for salary/stipend to sustain the DCI Faculty Director position for up to 10-years. 

Research & Innovation

This expendable fund will enable the new Faculty Director and DCI team to continue to pursue innovations to extend the DCI concept to new areas and demographics across the Stanford ecosystem and beyond. New educational

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models and the changing nature of work have dramatically expanded opportunities as well as the demand for transitional and working-learner programs, in the U.S. and abroad. As a founding member of the Nexel Collaborative, Stanford has played a leading role in sharing information and best practices for mid-life transition programs with institutions from community colleges to large public universities across the globe. This fund will support ongoing outreach and research, as well as the development of data and case studies regarding the benefits to individuals, institutions, and societies provided by these types of programs.

As program needs and interests evolve, this fund will allow the new Faculty Director and team to pursue new areas of research, fund additional partnerships with Stanford Centers and Institutes, support new

avenues for intergenerational learning, and enhance opportunities for alumni and community engagement more broadly.

IDEAL Scholarships

The DCI IDEAL Fund, launched in Fall 2021, builds on the work of the 2015 Class to enhance the diversity of DCI. This account provides expendable funds aligned with the goals of Stanford to provide an inclusive, diverse, 

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equitable and accessible learning environment (IDEAL) within the Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI). Distributions from the Fund will provide financial support to DCI Fellows to cover their program fees and other academic, cultural and extra-curricular expenses associated with participation in the program. These funds will allow DCI to recruit and attract diverse candidates through scholarships and stipends, as needed. Preference will be given to candidates who enhance the diversity of the program consistent with the goals of Stanford’s IDEAL initiative.

General Fund

The DCI General Fund provides expendable funds for use by DCI leadership to support ongoing operations and program improvement. These funds can be used for events such as the Community Celebration and dinners for 

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Fellows and alumni, community engagement opportunities, guest speakers, curriculum development or other program needs, including staffing. Funds from this account will be allocated to the areas of highest need and priority, as determined by DCI and campus leadership

Thank you to our donors to DCI’s Plan to Secure the Future

Amy and David Abrams

Andrew Adelson and Marla Adelson Berns

Donna Akerson

Vikram Akula

Susan and Kurt Alexander

Maria Amundson and Elliot Krane  

Kenneth and Patricia August

Katherine August-deWilde and David deWilde 

Scott and Sandy Baker

Jonathan Berek          

Wolney and Adriana Betiol

Raj and Rashmi Bhargava

Mike and Kathleen Bracco

Frish Brandt   

Sindy Braun and Colleen Morris

Mario Bravo and Brandel France de Bravo

Teresa Briggs

Robert Broussard      

Amon Burton 

Jeffrey and Deborah Byron

Nancy Carlson

Susan and Nicholas Carter

Susie and Robert Case

Richard Chow and Jane Su

Mark and Laura Clapper

Monica Colondres     

Katie and Tim Connor

Michael Costa

J. Taylor and Suzanne Crandall 

Tammy and William Crown

Cynthia Cwik and Frederic Martin

John Danner   

Gregory Davidson and Helen Wilmot    

Deborah Dean and Francis Tracy

John and Catherine Debs

Ann Dehner   

Laura di Bonaventura and Frits Dirk van Paasschen

Marcelo Do Rio Faria            

Michael Dorsey and Susan Ford Dorsey

Mimi Dunne and John Keene

Joseph Dworetzky and Amy Banse

Melissa Dyrdahl         

Le Roy and Lindsay Eakin

MJ Elmore

Juliette Feeney-Timset

Charles and Melissa Froland

David Gensler

Michael Goldberg and Ashley Hayward Goldberg

Richard and Linda Goldberg

Susan Golden 

Barbara Goldstein      

Steve and Jane Goodall

Sameer Govil 

The Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

Pamela Hamamoto     

Christopher Harte and Katherine Pope

M. Roch Hillenbrand 

Jason Hoffs and Jessica Tuchinsky

Lofton Holder and Mary Pearl

Anne and John Holloway

George and Leslie Hume

Jean Hurley    

Roger Ingold  

The Innovations for Impact Fund      

Mary Ittelson  

Kate Jerome

M. Carl Johnson and Susan Johnson

Pradeep Jotwani and Ranjana Advani

Tarun Jotwani and Anne Makepeace

Perry and Melanie Karsen

Charles and Roberta Katz

Ronald Katz and Elizabeth Roth

Kristian Kender          

Anne Kenner and Jim Scopa

Bill and Lesley King  

Jere and Bernard King           



Kenneth King

Eric and Susan Klein

Wanda Kownacki       

Jodee and Nick Kozlak

Sanjeev and Poonam Kumar

Paul and Susan Kumleben

Jill and Barry Lafer

Kimberly Laughton and Steve Maupin

Steve and Lori Leveen

Zahavah Levine and Jeff Meyer

Lev and Galina Leytes

Chris and Constance Li

Gui and Luciana Lins

Sydney and Thomas Macy

Alan Marks    

Janet and Thomas McKinley

Craig and Julie McNamara

The John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation

John and Amy Mendez

Karin Meyer and John Woodfill

John and Daryl Lillie 

Diane Morris 

Michael and Jordan Murray

Ronjon Nag and Sally-Ann Rudd

Susan Nash    

Robert Negrin and Bonnie Goodman

Mark Nelson and Margrit Benton

Julie Nordstrom         

Glenn Osaka  

Ernest and Kim Parizeau

Anju and Abhijit Patwardhan

David and Kathy Payne

Laura Peterson           

Andy and Andrea Phillipps

Lisa Pieper and Robert Garland

John David and Nelle Placek     

The Pritzker Traubert Foundation

Robert Rebitzer and Jacqueline Schneider

Herb Riband and Jeanine Thomas Riband

Huijun Ring   

Raul Rivera    

Pat Roberts     

Jim Rowe       

Jim and Jennifer Rymarcsuk

Tom Sadler and Eila Skinner

Jacob Schlesinger       

Stuart Schonberger and Carmen DiCinque

Carol and Eric Schrader

Thomas and Sandra Schreier

Ilana Shumsky and Kevin Shea

Deborah and Rob Siegel

Arnold Silverman       

Karen Sipprell and Harland Irvin

Elliot and Donna Slade

Stephanie Smith and Carol Anderson

Ned and Carol Spieker

Ann Stanton and Robert Haddock

Isaac and Madeline Stein

Michael and Debra Takagawa

Donna Tanoue

Sarah Tobocman and Howard Landau

Johannes van Alebeek

Marsha Vande Berg   

Katie Vogelheim and John Hansen

Anna Waring  

Tracey Weisler           

James and Nancy Wetrich

Sean Wheeler 

Howard Wollner and Barbara Van Wollner

Nora and John Wu

Rodrigo and Patricia Xavier

Randi Zeller and Bill Meehan

Tammi Zhu and Scott Chou

Susan Zolla-Pazner

We also thank those donors who have requested to remain Anonymous

Development Team

Please feel free to reach out to Katie Connor, as well as any of our outstanding DCI volunteers with questions about the Plan to Secure the Future of DCI and how you can help. We are also fortunate to have Howie Pearson and Leslie Strate from Stanford’s Office of Development, supporting our team and available to help.  

DCI Community Leadership Team 

  • Mike Dorsey, Co-Chair (DCI’18)
  • Charles Froland, Co-Chair (DCI’18)
  • MJ Elmore (DCI’15)
  • Carl Johnson (DCI’17)
  • Barry Lafer (DCI’18/19)
  • Ned Spieker (DCI’16)

DCI Class Representatives 

  • 2015:  Sue Carter, MJ Elmore
  • 2016:  David Gensler, Anne Kenner
  • 2017:  Carl Johnson, Anne McNulty
  • 2018:  Mike Dorsey, Charles Froland
  • 2018/2019: Laura Peterson, Ernie Parizeau
  • 2019:  Janet McKinley, Tarun Jotwani
  • 2020: Sindy Braun, Lofton Holder
  • 2021: Julie Nordstrom, Rob Rebitzer

International Representatives  

  • 2017:  Anju Patwardan, Singapore 
  • 2018:  Maïté Arango, Spain, and Rodrigo Xavier, Brazil
  • 2018/19: Herb Riband, Switzerland
  • 2019:  Andy Phillipps, UK 
  • 2020:  Gui Lins, Switzerland 


How do I give?

Gifts can be given via the link on the DCI website, found in the top right of each page, Make a Gift to Stanford | Make a Gift

For gifts not given directly to a DCI Fund through the website, you will need to include the specific Fund Name and/or Fund Account Designation listed above in order to direct your gift to the correct fund.  

Instructions regarding how to make a gift – via stock, wire transfer, or other means, such as a Donor Advised Fund – can be found here:  How to Make a Gift | Giving to Stanford.

Are donations tax deductible?

All gifts to Stanford University, including to DCI, are tax-deductible gifts to a non-profit institution in the U.S.  Stanford’s Tax ID # is 94-1156365.

All donors will receive a gift acknowledgment email from Stanford for tax purposes.

How do I give via check?

If your DAF sponsor is sending a check, please note “DCI FUND NAME, Attention, Leslie Strate” in the reference line, along with a cover letter including your names as the DAF advisors recommending the grant, and mail to: Stanford University, P.O. Box 20466, Stanford, CA 94309-0466

DCI Fund names are as follows: 

  • Faculty Directorship: GEJGC
  • Research and Innovation: GEJGB
  • IDEAL Scholarship: GEJEY
  • General Fund: GABIA

If you or your DAF sponsor have questions or need additional assistance, please call 866-543-0243 or email  For questions specifically about the DCI Funds please contact Leslie Strate at

Can I remain anonymous?

Donors can select to be anonymous or have their names listed on the DCI website or other Stanford or DCI materials at the time you donate.

Can I donate in honor of someone?

Donors can designate their gift “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” someone in the designated area on the giving site.