Stanford DCI inspires accomplished individuals to thrive in their next chapter by providing opportunities to discover, connect, and contribute through engagement within Stanford’s diverse academic community.

“The opportunity for individuals in their 40s, 50s, or 60s to return to college to learn from
and work with younger students provides a powerful combination of experience, wisdom,
and connections with creative talent, energy, and technology.”

Katie Connor, Executive Director, Stanford DCI
The Rise of Mid-Life Transition Programs on College Campuses
Amon Burton (Class of 2016) working with a student in class



Stanford DCI aspires to create a new model for higher education, offering intergenerational learning, community, and opportunities for impact throughout the lifespan.

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“People are changed by the program in many important ways…they have a new perspective on life and on the future.”

Laura Carstensen,

Director, Stanford Center on Longevity