More than a Year

Fellows and Partners continue their involvement with the DCI program long after their fellowship year has ended. Many DCI alumni become involved with a number of dciX activities and special initiatives whether this be as a leader or participant. These activities are highlighted below. 


In 2018, DCI launched dciX to provide impact opportunities for Fellows and Partners during their DCI year and for DCI alumni interested in continuing their involvement with the DCI program and Stanford University. These opportunities harness the expertise and talent of the DCI Fellows to benefit Stanford students and faculty, keep DCI Fellows connected with Stanford, and provide a forum for DCI Fellows to work together across cohorts to create social and economic impact.

dciX provides a range of impact opportunities for Intergenerational Engagement and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that provide deep dives into important issues plus special initiatives and workshops.

Special Interest Groups

SIGs allow Fellows and alumni with shared interests in learning about a topic or issue to work with students and faculty from various schools and programs across the University.  Each SIG is aligned with a Stanford Center or Institute which identifies projects and initiatives to which DCI can contribute and add value.  Current and emerging SIGs are led by a DCI Fellow or alumnus and address


DCI on Boards

In partnership with the Stanford Rock Center and Stanford Women on Boards, works to provide a platform for DCI Fellows and Alumni to be board ready and expose them to new board opportunities.

DCI Speaks

In partnership with Matt Abrahams and The Essentials of Strategic Communication course, provides workshops to help Fellows and alumni frame their presentations and pitches, and engages Fellows with MBA students working on this skill.

DCI Writes

In partnership with the Stanford Creative Writing program offers writing and publishing workshops and retreats, helping DCI Fellows to publish or simply enjoy a new creative practice.

Impact Investing

In partnership with the Stanford Center for Social Innovation provides workshops on impact investing and exposes DCI Fellows and Alumni to companies working in impact spaces.

Longevity Innovations

In partnership with the Stanford Center on Longevity, works to tackle many of the challenges facing older people today, such as ageism, and defining new naming conventions.

With support from Pivotal Ventures the group developed solutions that will address the needs of older adults and their 48 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S

Salon Speaker Series

The Salon Speaker Series partners with the university community and industry leaders to host a virtual monthly speaker series

Sustainability, Climate, and Energy

In partnership with the new Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and TomKat Center to get involved in climate conversations and solutions by providing a range of opportunities to learn, collaborate, mentor, and coach across the School.

Affinity Groups

In addition to Special Interest Groups, DCI Fellows form affinity groups. These groups come together to work on issues and topics of interest at Stanford and beyond.  Issues addressed include, preserving democracy, racial justice and equity, and navigating transitions.