“Getting to make new friends at this point in my life was extraordinary.” – Jack Keene (DCI 2019)

One of the most powerful aspects of the DCI program is the set of relationships formed – both during this year at Stanford and for many years to come. Your DCI cohort will become your core community during the DCI year but extends well into the future as Fellows become colleagues and friends. Before you even step foot on campus, DCI will facilitate online programming to start the process of getting to know the other members of your cohort, each of whom brings a unique background and diverse life experiences to the group.

The perspectives and life experience of each Fellow provide the platform for an exciting year of discovery and renewal. Life Transformation Reflections have become one of the most important assets of DCI, bringing Fellows and Partners together to share events or parts of their lives that have helped define who they are or changed their perspective.

Participants have community space on campus to interact with each other informally. Social events range from walks and hikes to participation in the arts and athletics programs at Stanford.

Annual DCI Community Celebration

Every spring, DCI hosts an annual Community Celebration that brings the entire DCI Community – past and current Fellows and Partners – together to celebrate each other and engage in shared presentations, including the presentation of the DCI Life Journey Inspiration Award.

Life Journey Inspiration Award Recipients (2016-2022)

Sherry Lansing (right) Receiving Life Journey Transformation award from Phil Pizzo (left)
Sherry Lansing (2022)
Marc Freedman (2020)
Anna Devere Smith (2019)
Condolezza Rice (2018)
Paul Irving (2017)
Penny Pritzer (2016)

Stanford Community

“Without a doubt, working with Mark Clapper (DCI 2018) has enriched my Stanford and life experience, and for that I am immensely grateful to the DCI Fellows program!” – Connor Ludwig

Many of Stanford’s academic programs, both undergraduate and graduate, are small and highly interactive. Adding individuals with different perspectives, lifelong wisdom, and experience provide a very special opportunity for students and Fellows to interact and learn from and teach one another. DCI Fellows and Partners become an integral part of the University community by lending their support and knowledge in the classroom, as well as to several programs, institutes, and centers across the University.