Board Advisor, Social Innovation Advocate, Former Technology CEO
San Francisco, California

Nancy Deyo is a board member, general manager, and social innovation executive with 35+ years’ experience in the consumer goods, technology and nonprofit sectors.
For the past 20 years Nancy has been engaged in the social sector. She has worked in women’s human rights at the Global Fund for Women, urban poverty at Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, and research and advocacy at the Women’s Refugee Commission. Most recently she was in social justice at Rise Up. Nancy currently serves on the One America Movement advisory board, is active in philanthropy, and is an advisor and angel investor in Pnyka, a social enterprise.

Nancy began her career at Procter & Gamble in sales and brand management and then spent over a decade in Silicon Valley. Her technology experience began at Metaphor Computer Systems, a big data startup acquired by IBM. Later, Nancy was Co-founder/CEO of Purple Moon, a girls’ technology company which she sold to Mattel.

Nancy is passionate about using existing and emerging technologies for social impact. While at DCI, she looks forward to exploring how artificial intelligence can advance global health through early diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately disease prevention.

Nancy has a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco. She is married to Chris Deyo, DCI Partner, and lives in San Francisco.

Partner: Chris Deyo