Theater Personality

Gauri is a dreamer who loves playing with words, with paints, with bits and pieces to create something new and meaningful. Gauri has been in theatre and acting since her early days growing up in Mumbai. After two decades in Singapore, she is back to this old love and been seen on stage regularly.

However, Gauri’s niche is really behind the stage. Her experience as an advertising copywriter and scriptwriter has been modified to write for plays, dance dramas, TV scripts and corporate films. Gauri has a strong affinity towards social issues and each of her productions resounds with a strong comment on contemporary life and issues that affect us. Her plays have varied themes, including integration of Indians in Singapore, migrant workers and their lives, environmental pollution and safeguarding rivers like the Ganga, have formed the core theme around her plays. Her two most recent plays involved schizophrenia and depression in a thought-provoking and emotive way. Gauri believes that as a theatre maker, she has a responsibility not just to entertain but to give the audience something for introspection; to look within themselves and find answers to deal with social issues that plague contemporary lives.

For the last four years, Gauri has been closely associated with the Hindi Theatre Festival ‘Dastak’ in Singapore as one of the founding members and Art Director.

Gauri has a Masters in Political Science from Bombay University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Communications from St Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Bombay University.

Fellow: Amit Gupta