Rhinebeck, New York

Jack Keene has been a clinician, administrator, and entrepreneur for over 30 years.

He started his career as a faculty member at the University of Chicago, serving as the Emergency Medical Services Director for the South Side of the city. Working alongside paramedics in the streets of Chicago and on the area’s first medical transport helicopter, Jack experienced the powerful rewards of helping people in need.

Jack carried his passion for excellence to the Hudson Valley of New York, co-founding Emergency Treatment Associates, Inc, a company that pioneered best-practice Emergency Medicine in the region. As a national expert in Emergency Department (ED) administration, he taught for the American College of Emergency Physicians, served as an editor for the Journal of Emergency Medicine, and was a member of the Physician Advisory Committee for New York Medicare Carriers. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed book chapters, and co-authored a text on ED management.

Twenty years ago, Jack used his administrative skills to help his wife, Mimi Dunne, M.D., found Palliative Care Consultants, PC. In 2017, Jack joined Mimi’s practice and he is now touching lives in a way quite different from ED drama. Helping patients and families navigate serious illness decisions and the dying process is quiet, time-intensive, and profoundly gratifying.

Jack enjoys outdoor pursuits, fitness challenges, and time with family and friends. He and Mimi take special delight in following their 20-something daughter around the world whenever possible.
Fellow: Mimi Dunne