Film/Television Producer
Laguna Beach, California

Jason Hoffs has worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years. In his roles as producer, studio executive, and production company executive, Jason served as liaison between the talent creating the films and the studio financing them.

Most recently, Jason established VIZ Productions to create projects sourced from the catalogues of Japanese publishing conglomerates Shueisha/Shogakukan. Under the VIZ Productions banner, he produced the film Death Note for Netflix. In 2014, Jason produced the hit Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt for Warner Bros.

Jason had a long association with director/producer Steven Spielberg. He executive produced Spielberg’s 2003 film, The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones. While a senior production executive for Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Dreamworks SKG from 1992-2000, he supervised Meet the Parents, Deep Impact, Peacemaker, Mousehunt, Flintstones, Casper and Mask of Zorro.

Jason also served as VP for Oscar and Tony award-winning producer Scott Rudin, working on Addams Family, The Firm, and Sister Act. Earlier career highlights include creating and co-producing George Clooney’s first film, Red Surf, and serving as a television programming executive at Fox.

Jason is currently writing an action-suspense novel set in the Arctic.

Jason and his wife live in Laguna Beach, California with their teenage son. Their daughter is a member of Stanford’s Class of 2022. Avid world travelers, they also enjoy the outdoor pursuits that come with living in Laguna Beach. Jason graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology.

Partner: Jessica Tuchinsky