Co-Founder, Graham Sherwin Studio Inc
Vancouver, BC

Pam Sherwin’s background is in Health, Adult Education, and Business. Her superpower is integrating novel and complex information, then developing optimal solutions. This has made her a sought-after leader and advisor with health researchers, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs throughout her career. In healthcare, she cared for the medically challenged, developed curriculums, and taught students at the university level. In her consulting practice, she guided startups and large businesses, enhancing leadership, strategic direction, capabilities, and profits for 10-1,000 person companies. As a co-founder, she manages and delivers $1M-10M projects, intersecting with governing bodies, interest groups, and advisory boards. She has also worked with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in peer review, strategic planning, and as co-chair of the Knowledge Exchange Committee. One of her major areas of focus is longer life and health spans.

Pam grew up in a closed-minded family that didn’t value women or education, and that propelled her out into the world to see what she could change. She became a first-generation university graduate, founded a nonprofit for underrepresented children, fed Vancouver’s hardest-to-house, and volunteered in community theater. She and her husband went on to build a different kind of family, and both her daughter and son have graduate degrees from Oxford University (one a Rhodes scholar) and work in science and technology. Pam looks forward to broad, explorative experiences as a DCI Fellow. In her spare time, you’ll find her working out, hiking, researching regenerative farming or neuroscience, trying to meditate, or playing tag with the neighborhood kids.