Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Claudia Petlik Fischer is a psychologist and collaborator with non-profit social institutions. She graduated from The Catholic University of São Paulo. She worked with Human Resources at a Brazilian bank and later after having her first child, started a career as a psychotherapist in a private clinic, specializing in grief studies and neuroscience.

Claudia was born in Araraquara, countryside of São Paulo. She married Rodolfo Fischer and had three children. In 2012, after the loss of their daughter Anna Laura, she and Rodolfo decided to create social initiatives to honor their daughter.

They founded Associação Anna Laura (The ALPAPATO Project) and began to act in different NGOs, collaborating with volunteer services as a psychologist. The ALPAPATO Project creates and donates accessible parks that provide children with and without disabilities the possibility to safely share experiences, expanding motor, cognitive and sensory experiences and promoting social accessibility. Its three basic goals for children with disabilities are: therapy, socialization and leisure.

Her passions in life are spending time with family, friends, playing tennis, reading and listening to others. She also loves the “sound of silence” and rain.

DCI Fellow: Rodolfo Fischer