Mallorca, Spain and Bombay, India

Satyen KothariSatyen Kothari is the founder of several innovative companies including Cube Wealth, Citrus Pay, Suntru, Lotus White, and Trapezo. He has a Masters in Computer Science (HCI & Entrepreneurship) from Stanford University.

Beyond work & education, Satyen defines himself on the basis of a few things he loves: Slow travels, slow reads; Building useful products and companies; Sipping that perfect cortado in the soft Spanish sun; Being a never-perfect, always-loving father; Irreverent humor; Optimizing happiness frameworks; The hedonism of cars, cuisines, comedy; Appreciating scatterings of beauty in everyday life; Hitting that scintillating backhand down the line; Outer Zorba, inner Buddha aspirations; Feeling immense gratitude for his family, friends, and fate.

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