Former Professor of Education and Executive Director, North Carolina State University Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
Santa Cruz, CA

Glenn M. Kleiman, PhDGlenn M. Kleiman, PhD, has made many contributions to education research, practice, and policy. After completing his PhD in cognitive psychology at Stanford, he was a Professor and Senior Researcher at the National Center for the Study of Reading at the University of Illinois. Next, Glenn was a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto, where he began exploring the potential of computers to enhance education. He returned to Palo Alto to start an early EdTech company, where he developed software, worked with educators, and wrote a magazine column and book about computers and learning.

Glenn spent 22 years as Vice President and Senior Scientist at Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), a non-profit in the Boston area, where he led initiatives on mathematics education, educational technology, and education policy. He also taught at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. He then moved south to serve as the Executive Director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and a Professor at North Carolina State University. There, he worked closely with the executive, legislative and judicial branches to play influential roles in advancing K-12 education statewide, as well as in national projects such as President Obama’s Future Ready Schools initiative.

After retiring from North Carolina State, Glenn moved to Santa Cruz, CA, where his wife is the Medical Director at UC Santa Cruz and their two grown children like to visit. Failing retirement, he is a Senior Advisor for the Stanford Accelerator for Learning and a consultant for other organizations. Glenn’s recreational activities include hiking, cycling, and pickleball.

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