Former Executive & Engineer
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Odilon Nogueira Jr.Odilon Nogueira Jr. comes from the quiet countryside of São Paulo State, southeast of Brazil. He studied electrical engineering for his bachelor’s degree and later took specialization courses in Marketing Administration and Agribusiness Administration.

He has had a varied career, transitioning from entrepreneurial ventures to top executive roles in both national and multinational corporations. Odilon began as a product development engineer in the field of office automation equipment, eventually becoming a top executive team member within the industry. As a young entrepreneur, he co-started a company with a partner from Japan for distribution and servicing of medical imaging equipment. Later, he helped set up a new business focused on providing solutions for environmentally safe disposal of electronic equipment waste. Currently, Odilon runs a consulting firm, co-founded with his wife. They specialize in designing and delivering custom programs aimed at leadership development and organizational culture development at large corporations.

He and his wife split their time between Brazil and the USA, where some of his family members live, especially his grandchildren, who they love to visit.

When he’s not working, Odilon enjoys staying active. He used to run for fun, but now he prefers going to the gym, cycling, and swimming. He believes in keeping fit and enjoying life the fullest. For the coming year, he is looking forward to contributing to the Stanford community.

DCI Fellow: Cristina Nogueira