Former Director, Engineering, Google; VP Engineering, Garmin; Tech Entrepreneur
Aptos, CA

Frank McLoughlin, PhDWith a decades-long passion for working with tech teams to deliver disruptively innovative products, Frank McLoughlin has brought several hardware and software products and systems to market, most still in wide use. As Software and Hardware Engineering Director at Google, he conceived and delivered strategies, processes, and products (electrical, mechanical, control systems) that allowed uniquely-high growth in Google’s global data center fleet; as well as several wireless communication developments, all aimed at making the world’s information more universally accessible. At Garmin, Frank was central to the conception, development, certification, and application of revolutionary, low-cost, integrated aircraft avionics systems (e.g. G1000[H], G2/3/5000[H]) that are in production in many airplane and helicopter models – viewed by pilots as market standards for business and general aviation aircraft. Prior to that he led startup Sequoia Instruments which developed GPS+inertial sensor technologies (acquired by Garmin).

With a background in estimation theory, signal processing, and artificial intelligence (AI), Frank has growing interest in the prolific and safe application of AI from technical and policy perspectives. He earned his PhD and MS degrees in Engineering from Stanford, and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Notre Dame.

The son of a Colombian immigrant, Frank grew up in Miami, Florida. Now he lives in Aptos, California with his wife, Sonia. When Frank is not on his mountain bike or playing tennis, they enjoy traveling, particularly visits to their wonderful daughter and son who live in Austin and Dallas respectively.