Former Chairman/CEO, The Wonder Years Preschools. Former Chairman, Asetek
Los Altos, CA

Sam SzteinbaumSam Szteinbaum, the former Chairman of Asetek and previous Chairman/CEO of The Wonder Years Preschools, brings a wealth of leadership experience to his diverse professional endeavors. With an academic foundation firmly established, he holds an MBA from Purdue University and dual BAs in economics and mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Throughout his career, Sam has played integral roles in shaping the trajectory of prominent organizations. He served as the Chief Learning Officer/VP at Hewlett Packard; he also managed the consumer PC business in North America for five years, demonstrating his strategic acumen and commitment to excellence across industries. Additionally, he currently contributes as a board member at Corsair Gaming.

Born and raised in Colombia, Spanish is his first language, Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to own and operate laundromats, delve into commercial real estate, and partake in ongoing development projects in both the Bay Area and Florida.

Beyond his corporate pursuits, Sam finds fulfillment in family life, having raised two children, a boy and a girl. However, the family endured the heartbreaking loss of their son during the recent pandemic, an experience that has deeply impacted his life.

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