Health Coach
Barcelona, Spain

Alexandra MezquitaThroughout her life, Alexandra (Alex) Mezquita has worked in and explored various professional sectors. She began her career as a lawyer in the mergers and acquisitions sector at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Then she transitioned to innovation consulting and engineering in Munich, where in addition to studying engine construction, Alexandra founded an engineering firm in the automotive sector.

A few years ago, she ultimately dedicated herself to her true passion: the intersection of sports, health, nutrition, and the pursuit of quality of life. Alexandra focuses on the importance of the muscle as an organ of health and longevity. Driven by her desire to promote collaboration in building a physically and psychologically healthier society, Alexandra is particularly concerned about those most affected. Every day, she strives to contribute her part to help combat an increasingly unhealthy society, aiming to become a catalyst for life improvement and provide a natural and accessible path to a healthier lifestyle through simple, sustainable habits that are easily adoptable.
Alexandra spends her spare time enjoying nature and practicing several sports as hiking, skying and jiu-jitsu

DCI Fellow: Arnaldo Munoz