Lecturer, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado and Co-Founder, former Senior Vice President, Access Health
Boulder, CO

Liz Snowden was Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Access Health, a health care services company that developed, patented and utilized triage algorithms and a variety of other clinical guidelines and systems to better manage the health care of large populations. The company grew from a concept through several venture rounds to a listing on NASDAQ, until its acquisition by McKesson. As an example, the pediatric triage algorithms were translated and used as the front end for the public health care system for children in Portugal, while the full suite was used to front the health care system of New Zealand. The same algorithms were used to provide access to one of our review partners, the Mayo Clinic.

Liz later taught Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. She has served on the boards of a variety of non-profit enterprises including Summit Middle Charter School, the Friend’s School, The Family Learning Center, the Entrepreneurial Advisory Board of the University of Colorado, and the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease.

Prior to Access Health, Liz managed product marketing at Consumer Health Services, another start-up, and was a product manager at Carnation/Nestle, a global consumer products company. She started her career as an auditor and CPA with Price Waterhouse. She earned a BA In Psychology with honors from Stanford, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She and her husband, Joe Tallman, enjoy the Colorado outdoors, cooking, travel (especially Italy) and time with a family of five children and a growing group of grandchildren.

Partner: Joe Tallman