Advisor, Wellness Pillar, Stanford DCI
Leader, dciX Speaker Series, Stanford DCI
San Diego, CA

Mark Clapper is the advisor for the Wellness pillar of the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute. This pillar is one of three foundational principles of the DCI program and focuses on physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing for current DCI Fellows and Partners. Well-being in all three of these areas is fundamental to overall health, successful aging and sustained engagement with the larger world.

Mark is a 2018 DCI Fellow who, in his career, served as Chief of the Kaiser San Diego Orthopaedic Department, responsible for the musculoskeletal care of 600,000 Kaiser members.  Since completing his DCI fellowship, Mark has continued to work in the DCI community as the leader of the monthly dciX Salon Speaker’s Series for past and present DCI Fellows and Partners. This program brings together speakers from a variety of backgrounds and Fellows to share thoughts and ideas.

A US Naval Academy graduate, Mark received his undergraduate degree in Oceanography and following graduation, trained as a nuclear submarine officer. He served on two US Navy nuclear submarines in various leadership roles including Navigator and Operations officer of the USS SEAWOLF (SSN 575). Following submarine service, he completed medical school and Orthopaedic Surgery residency training in the US Navy and then served as a Navy surgeon for eight years.  After retiring from naval service, Mark joined Kaiser Permanente where he practiced for an additional 20 years and continued to be involved with the Navy Orthopaedic Surgery Residency training program in San Diego.