Metairie, LA

Praised for his polished, expressive, and nuanced performances, conductor Glenn Langdon’s unusually varied repertoire highlights an eclectic musical aesthetic and singularly American heritage. Langdon is fully “at home” directing performances of the Rite of Spring and Carmina Burana, to the jazz of Cleo Laine and Irvin Mayfield. His conducting credits include The Cleveland Orchestra, the BBC Scottish National Orchestra, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, in addition to Broadway touring shows, ballet orchestras, and pops concerts. A veteran of touring Broadway shows, Langdon was Music Director of the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s the Phantom of the Opera. On tour, Glenn traveled to over 60 cities in the United States and Canada over 14 years, conducting close to 5000 performances of the world’s most successful Broadway musical production.

With his wide musical curiosity and a strong interest in story telling, Langdon was inevitably drawn to work in the field of dance as well. As music director and principal conductor of the Houston Ballet he conducted the breadth of the classical repertory and distinguished himself with performances of the 20th century works by Stravinsky, Orff, and Prokofiev.

Hailing from generations of cotton farmers, Langdon cares deeply about sustainability in agriculture for the future of America’s farmlands. And as a musician, he’s committed to making the arts accessible to all and the sustainability of the arts for the soul of the country.

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Partner: Laurie Volny Langdon