Founder & CEO – Founder & CEO – Grad-Dreams Group, Mumbai
India & USA

Sunit Survase image

Inspired by the idea of bringing about transformation through education, Sunit Survase has helped students and professionals to achieve their dream of global education experience for over 20 years through his organization ‘Grad-Dreams’. With his versatile experience in business development, planning, and management, Sunit has built his Edtech organization around the pillars of a futuristic approach, trust, and satisfaction.

Sunit received a Master of Public Administration degree (Global EMPA for Policy Leaders) from New York University and University College, London and a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering degree from PREC, Loni (University of Pune, India). Sunit, a recipient of the Luther Gulick fellowship at New York University, is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Policy Making, Social Impact and Public Service. He hopes to use advanced technologies to improve the quality of democracy, educational & public sector reforms, and public policy making.

From 2017 to 2018, he served as the President of one of India’s most prestigious and oldest non-profit,the Indo-American Society, a 66-year-old India-USA cooperation organization that promotes intellectual, cross-cultural communication, and collaboration between two countries. 

Sunit has traveled extensively to many countries for organizational success. He enjoys learning about people, their histories, cultures, and making connections, which has allowed him to broaden his social circle and develop a strong interest in working with people to learn about societal innovations, challenges in implementing those innovations, and potential solutions. 

In early 2023, Sunit started Arthsetu, his social impact project to assist students from low-income families improve their socio-economic status through skill development and vocational training.

A first-generation entrepreneur, Sunit is a socially enlightened citizen, loving father, and an explorer at heart, looking ahead to a just future.