Former Executive Director, Kinesis Foundation
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Born and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico, Maria Teresa Pacheco has a JD degree from the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Laws (LLM) in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University in Washington DC.  She started her career in government and politics, which included working in the political campaign of the first woman candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico.  She took a break from her career to be a full-time mother to her two small children until they became older and more independent.

Maria Teresa returned to full-time work as Executive Director of Kinesis Foundation, an organization dedicated to identifying, guiding, and financing underprivileged students to go to top colleges. She continues to be passionate about the effect of education as an engine for social change.

Maria Teresa is married to Jose and her highest accomplishment is the family they have built with their two now adult children.

She is a proud Puerto Rican who loves its culture, music, and food.  She enjoys Hispanic Literature, classical music, travel, cooking and Saturday morning walks on the beach. Her favorite activity is to share with family and friends.

DCI Fellow: Jose Revuelta