Former VP at Merrill Lynch’s Global Emerging Markets Investment Banking and Capital Markets Groups
New York City, NY

Roswitha Mueller is a former VP at Merrill Lynch’s Global Emerging Markets Investment Banking and Capital Markets Groups. She grew up in Switzerland in a family of five children, three cats and a dog. After receiving a master’s degree from the University of Basel in comparative literature and sociology she worked as a translator before switching to banking at the boutique investment firm BZ bank Zurich where she co-authored a handbook on option theory.

In 1992 Roswitha received an MBA from the TUCK School of Business. After leaving Merrill Lynch, Roswitha served on the board investment committee of the New York Highline where she advised on budget and investment decisions.

In 2011 Roswitha had the opportunity to go back to her educational roots in storytelling when she was offered a position as board member for the nonprofit startup Chicken & Egg Pictures, an organization that supports women documentary filmmakers whose personal stories catalyze social change. During her 11-year tenure on the board Roswitha helped grow the annual budget fivefold. Every year Chicken & Egg supported films are selected for the most important film festivals and several have received Oscar nominations.

Roswitha and her husband A.J. have two wonderful children – a daughter (currently a freshman at Stanford) and a son living in New York City. In addition to her love for storytelling, Roswitha treasures spending time with her friends as well as cuddling with her two cats. She is an avid skier and tennis player and has a deep appreciation for nature. She speaks four languages fluently and plans to improve her Italian during her DCI year. Roswitha has dual citizenship in Switzerland and the U.S.A.

DCI Fellow: A.J Agarwal