Innovator, Adviser, Former Senior Director of Engineering @ Google
Palo Alto, CA

Radhika Malpani has over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector, working at leading organizations including Google, Hewlett Packard and Siemens. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she is an entrepreneur at heart, creating innovative new product lines in every role she undertakes.

At Google, Radhika was a Senior Engineering Director, responsible for initiating and scaling up several critical products over a period of two decades. Starting with leading Google Ads in 2000, Radhika founded Google Images, growing it to over 1B queries/day. In addition to starting Google Local Search, she also led Google Travel Search to help users better plan their leisure trips.

Radhika has always been interested in the application of technology for social impact, and left Google in mid 2019 to focus full-time on helping mission-oriented startups scale. She uses her extensive experience with building and scaling successful products and organizations, to help founders think through important strategic issues. Radhika is currently a board member of Nexleaf Analytics, Simprints, Island Conservation, and Educate!, as well as advising several startup founders and foundations.

In line with her goal to benefit the social impact sector, not just by leveraging technology, but also by adopting the processes and mindsets of Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms, Radhika has partnered with professors at Stanford and UC Santa Cruz to address environmental challenges. This group has teamed up to create and teach a new class, Hacking4Oceans, which uses lean methodologies to solve problems critical to the health of oceans. She is now working on expanding this concept nationally to address other conservation issues.