Project Lead & Manager, Biking Enthusiast
Princeton, NJ and Berlin, Germany

Matthias Paschetag started his career with Hewlett Packard where he spent 20 years. Starting as financial analyst, he soon changed to project management and enjoyed building bridges between groups that use different terminology specific to their areas, such as the Finance and IT departments customers or companies with different backgrounds and from different countries or cultures.

His lifelong passion for learning and new experiences has supported Matthias in adapting to rapidly changing situations and environments including, moving and living often in a new country (USA, Venezuela, Great Britain, Spain) or traveling; completing many large and diverse corporate projects and helping to facilitate company re-organizations.

Most recently Matthias combined his life-long enthusiasm for bicycles with his attention to detail when he volunteered at a local charity to repair donated bikes or at a local bike shop working in bike service and sales. At the latter, Matthias combines his technical skills with listening and understanding customer needs to put a smile on the customer’s face by funneling their bike ideas into selecting a well-fitting bike for them – or handing them back their smooth-running bike that was in for a service.

Matthias has a Master in Industrial Engineering from Karlsruhe University (now KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).  In addition to cycling, Matthias enjoys gardening, cooking and entertaining friends to facilitate stimulating conversations.

DCI Fellow: Britta Bomhard