Co-founder and CEO, Health Drive; Founder and Chief Medical Officer, MDPrevent

CharlapSteven Charlap’s healthcare career, which spans over 30 years, has taken him in several directions. Trained as a surgeon, and armed with an MBA, he was initially recruited to become Director of Corporate Development for T-Cell Sciences (TCS), a publicly traded biotechnology company, at which he oversaw technology licensing and pharmaceutical partnerships.

In 1989, Steven left TCS to co-found, as CEO and Chief Medical Officer, HealthDrive Corporation, the largest U.S. provider of medical and dental services to extended care facilities. Over twenty years, a two-time Inc. 500 company, HealthDrive served more than five million patients in some 1,500 facilities across 13 states. In 2000, he published Making Sense of Nursing Homes—A Guide for Families.

During his HealthDrive tenure, Steven witnessed how the health care industry’s non-focus on preventing chronic diseases often results in costly, invasive and reactive medical treatment for patients. In response, he developed the concept of MDPrevent—a multi-disciplinary, integrated primary care and preventive medicine practice focused on helping patients make lasting lifestyle changes to achieve exceptional lives.

While at Stanford, Dr. Charlap completed ten courses related to genetics, genomics, and preventive medicine as well as several courses related to consumer behavior, problem solving, and health care and media technology. He also consulted with dozens of genetics/genomics and computer science experts both at Stanford and across the country, and mentored over one-hundred entrepreneurs.

He is currently CEO of SOAP, a digital health care startup applying AI-driven Virtual Health Assistants to improve comprehensive health care data collection, analysis, and reporting for various applications, e.g. cancer predisposition assessment, nutritional intake assessment, etc..

Steven Charlap received a BA from Yeshiva University, where he majored in Speech & Drama, an MD from New York University School of Medicine, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he majored in entrepreneurship.

Steven is married to Yael, and has three adult children, Danielle, Justin, and Nicole.