Executive, Innovator, Educator, Advisor
Palo Alto, CA

Raj Bhargava designed and teaches a new graduate level course at Stanford, titled ‘Unleashing Personal Potential: Behavioral Science and Design Thinking Applied to Self.’ He also teaches high school students through the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Program. For high school students he developed a new course titled ‘Business Entrepreneurship’ based on design thinking (develop idea), business model (identify opportunity) and behavioral science (design self). He also teaches Leadership and Innovation workshops to companies.

Raj is a seasoned high-tech entrepreneur and executive in Silicon Valley. Previously he was Senior Vice President, Products and Services at Satmetrix. Before that, Raj served as Group Vice President at Oracle after it acquired Agile Software Corporation. At Agile, he transformed their solutions into the recognized market leader. Prior to Agile, Raj was co-founder and Board Member of Jaspersoft, a leader in business intelligence software; Jaspersoft was acquired by TIBCO. Before Jaspersoft, Raj served as CEO, President and Board Member of Trade Reporting and Data Exchange Inc. Raj started his career at Hewlett Packard and held several leadership positions in California and Germany.

Raj has been a longtime contributor to a charitable boarding school for blind and deaf girls, which is part of the Ram Krishna Vivekananda Mission. He has a deep interest in healthy cooking and enjoys participating in Waverley Kitchens, a family business focused on creating unique Indian spice blends.

Raj received a B.S. from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi, India; an MS from Pennsylvania State University, State College; and an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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