Palo Alto, CA

RashimiBhargavaRashmi has always thought of herself primarily as a wife, mother and homemaker. In doing so, she has built a family rooted in immense love, care and support for one another. Rashmi’s first priority in life has been raising a family with strong values.

After Rashmi’s three kids left home for college, she started a designer Indian clothing boutique and ran it for five years. Soon after, she started Waverley Kitchens, a family business exploring a unique way for the family to bond with one another, while also applying everyone’s talent in a productive manner. Waverley Kitchens provides spice blends that make it easy to cook tasty and healthy Indian food. Rashmi is currently the CEO and is responsible for creating the unique spice blends, taking care of sales, marketing and production. Both these business experiences have taught her a lot, especially how to connect with people and understand their needs.

Recently, Rashmi began volunteering at Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. This provides her with an opportunity to give back to the community while also learning about art. In addition, Rashmi has been the guiding force behind the Bay Area Bhargava community (about 150 families) and has organized many annual events successfully.

Rashmi received a BA from Lucknow University, India. She enjoys stitching, making crafts, designing gardens, travelling, and tandem biking with her husband, Raj. She is an expert in Indian vegetarian cooking.

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