Founder and Partner, Synapse Venture Capital
Curitiba, Brazil

BetiolWolney Betiol is an entrepreneur, an investor, a business leader and a lecturer. After graduating as an electronic engineer, Wolney earned a MS in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics. His dissertation was the start of Bematech, the company Wolney co-founded in 1990. After the IPO in 2007, Bematech bought several companies in Brazil and one in the USA and became the leader in offering technological solutions for the retail, food service and hospitality markets in Brazil. In 2015, Wolney led the process to merge Bematech with Totvs, the main Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider in Brazil and the largest IT company in Latin America. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the company.

Wolney founded Synapse Venture Capital, a global investment firm focused on investing in innovative companies and venture capital funds, as well as strengthening the ties between Silicon Valley and Brazil.

Wolney has dedicated his time to teach and promote entrepreneurship and innovation. As a lecturer, he has been helping last year undergraduate students to think and act as entrepreneurs. Through Endeavor, Wolney has been mentoring and coaching several young entrepreneurs. Actively involved in various organizations dedicated to the industry and technology, Wolney has received several awards including the National Order of Industrial Merit from the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry; the Knowledge Medal from Brazil Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade; the Technological Innovation National Award and the Brazilian National Order of Scientific Merit from Brazil Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Partner: Adriana Betiol