Founder, Parenting with Purpose
London, UK


Susan Kumleben works in the rapidly developing field of Parent Coaching – management consulting for parents.  In 2004 Sue joined The Parent Practice, a London-based consultancy dedicated to providing parents with research-based skills enabling them to make their families happier, calmer and more successful. Clients have included schools, corporations, professional leadership organizations and private individuals throughout the world. Several clients Sue helped train are now offering Parent Coaching in Sweden, Spain, New Zealand and the U.S.. Sue is a school governor of a London day school and is active in a variety of other charities.

Sue began her career as a lawyer with a Wall Street law firm, then as Associate General Counsel for Remy Martin (America).  Graduating from Williams College with a BA in History, she also holds a JD from the University of Virginia Law School and a BSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation from the London School of Economics.  Sue and her husband moved to the UK in 1992 where they raised three children and where, except for their two years in Palo Alto, they have remained. For her 50th birthday, Sue decided to run the London marathon.  Enjoying the challenge, she has gone on to represent both the UK and the U.S. at the Triathlon World Championships.

While attending the DCI program, Sue taught Stanford graduate students who had children and also raced on the Stanford triathlon team. After DCI, Sue returned to London and has launched the parent coaching and advisory company, Parenting with Purpose.  Sue is currently developing a set of Family Meeting Packs (free) to help families as they struggle with the Covid 19 crisis.

Fellow: Paul Kumleben