Former SVP, Digital Initiatives, Sony Pictures; Digital Media and Impact Investor
London, UK

PustilnikNina Pustilnik is a digital media executive who has led and managed early-stage and late-stage digital and traditional media companies. Her career has been defined across her roles as an investor and at Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, JP Morgan, and McKinsey & Co. by her vision of how the Internet can enable new experiences and connections for people globally. She hashelped traditional media companies evolve and new companies emerge to potential.

Nina served as Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Strategy for international markets for Warner Bros., based in London, and as Vice President of Digital Distribution and Digital Investments for Sony Pictures. In both positions, Nina played a key role in creating video-on-demand services and striking the first-ever agreements between traditional studios and digital leaders, such as Apple and Amazon.

Before joining Warner Bros., Nina was the London-based equity analyst at JP Morgan in charge of the Internet and Digital Media sectors. She started her career at McKinsey, where she was the first associate focused on the Internet sector, which led to pioneering work on innovation with Fortune 100 companies.

In 2007, Nina suffered a serious injury that caused her to develop complex regional pain syndrome. She used her executive skills and personal determination to work on rehabilitation, a multi-year process. Since then, she has been investing in, advising, and running scalable start-ups that have social purposes. She has invested in and advises women-focused tech companies, wellness focused tech companies, disruptive media and purposeful content ventures.

Nina holds a BA from Columbia University and completed McKinsey’s MBA training program at Harvard Business School.