Former Founder and President of Waverley Associates, Inc.
Atherton, CA

Isaac Stein is the Founder and former President of Waverley Associates, Inc. a private investment firm. He currently serves as a director of SRI International, a director of four mutual funds affiliated with The Capital Group Companies and a director of several privately held corporations.

Isaac served as a trustee of Stanford University from 1994 to 2016 and was the chair of the Stanford Presidential Search Committee in 2016. He previously served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Stanford University, Convening Co-Chair of the Stanford Challenge Campaign and Chairman of both Stanford Health Services and UCSF/Stanford Health Care. He still serves on many Advisory Boards and Committees within Stanford.

Isaac received a BA from Colgate University in 1968 and graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School in 1972. He was a partner at a San Francisco law firm until 1979 and then was Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of Raychem Corporation where he served as both Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel. In 1983 he formed Waverley Associates. Among other investments, Waverley Associates led groups which owned the Dorchester Hotel in London and developed the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. From 1990 to 1992, he served as Chairman of Esprit de Corp and as its Acting Chief Executive Officer. Isaac has also served on numerous public and private corporate boards as well as nonprofit boards.

In 2005, Isaac received the Gold Spike Award for distinguished service to Stanford and in 2004, together with his wife, received the John W. Gardner Visionary Award from Pathways Hospice.

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