Social Justice Advocate, Private Investor
Santa Barbara, California

After 20 years with private equity firm Warburg Pincus, Ed McKinley retired to build a family investment office and to return to the social justice work he had pursued in his 20s. That work today includes global human rights, national political change, and locally ameliorating the impact of childhood trauma. In human rights, he has been an engaged board member with human rights organizations in London and Washington DC. In politics, since 2016 Ed has been co-leading a national network of newly-political activists focused on the most decisive election races. Locally with others, he initiated a highly successful county-wide coalition seeking to achieve universal pediatric screening for ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences – an accepted indicator of childhood trauma), with accompanying treatment.

Ed was President of Warburg, Pincus International for a decade, responsible for the firm’s private equity activities in Europe. He had spent the previous 10 years with the firm making healthcare services investments in the US. Over his career Ed has served on the boards of over 30 private and public companies and more than 10 non-profit organizations.

Ed has been married to DCI Fellow Kath Lavidge for 40 years, and the couple has two adult children. He is an avid sportsperson, including at the national and international level in competitive triathlon.

DCI Fellow: Kathleen Lavidge