Technology, Entertainment & Impact Entrepreneur and Author
Santiago, Chile

Raul Rivera has founded or co-founded several technology companies over the past two decades, including Fanatiz, a live sport, subscription-based streaming service that serves soccer fans worldwide, and TNX, a leading Latin American technology expense management company. He has also founded or co-founded several non-profits including Chile’s Innovation Forum, a foundation that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship; ASECH, Chile’s Entrepreneurs Association, which lobbies for pro-entrepreneurship public policy reform; and Latin America’s Entrepreneurs Association ASELA, active in six countries, with over 100,000 members.

Earlier in his career, Raul was a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). A co-founder of their San Francisco and Madrid offices, he led BCG’s expansion into Latin America during the 1990s, opening new BCG offices in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Raul’s major client at BCG was Mexico’s CEMEX, which he helped become a cement industry leader and Latin America’s first truly global multinational by the late 1990s.

Raul is the author of bestselling Nuestra Hora, a provocative response to prevailing stereotypes about Latin America and a call for Latin Americans to build together a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also authored another book and appeared in numerous interviews on these issues.

Raul earned his BA in economics from Macalester College and an MS degree in management from Stanford. He is married to Maggie Larrain; they have two children and three grandchildren. Raul enjoys reading, traveling, fine food and wines, and is a passionate scuba diver.