Digital Marketing and Operations Manager
San Mateo, CA

Colleen Morris brings a passion for personal finance and promoting financial literacy for all. She especially would like to encourage financial literacy in younger kids that would serve them for their entire lives. Originally from South Africa, Colleen immigrated to Silicon Valley where she was able to combine her highly analytical Financial Services experience with the high-tech industry to create technology blueprints for the Financial Services industry. She spent over 30 years working in a variety of positions in Silicon Valley across marketing and operations.

Following up on her passion for personal finance, Colleen completed the study requirement for Certified Financial Planning. She is a mentor and frequent advisor for friends and family on personal financial issues.

Colleen enjoys reading, editing and beta reading for a few authors, cooking and traveling. She attained a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Post-Graduate) from the University of South Africa, and today resides in the Bay Area with her wife, Sindy Braun.

DCI Fellow: Sindy Braun