Former Country Managing Director Brazil; Latin America Managing Director, Accenture
Sao Paulo, Brazil

RingoldRoger Ingold joined Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company in 1981, when the company had less than 100 employees. In 2004, he became the Accenture CEO for Brazil and Latin America. Today Accenture has 23,000 employees in Latin America, with almost half located in Brazil. He is part of the Global Leadership Council, with 140 leaders.

Within Accenture Roger implemented and supported the transition from a partnership to a public global company when Accenture went public in 2001. During his tenure he had direct involvement with many growth initiatives, the launching of strategic new services and operations and an extensive variety of acquisitions. Roger helped many of the key retail and consumer companies (global and local) in an important range of topics, from financial planning and inflation management to merchandise planning, pricing strategies and technology implementations. He also developed projects around market segmentation, restructuring of sales and marketing, sales management and pricing strategies.

Externally, he represents Accenture with key clients, and regularly participates in the World Economic Forum, The Economist seminars and panels, CEO Global Summit, and other conferences. Roger is also on the board of LIDE, a business association consisting of 1,800 companies. Roger leads the “LIDE INOVAÇÃO” area.

Roger holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polythechics University of São Paulo, and an MBA in Finance from INSPER. He is fluent in Portuguese, French, English, and Spanish. He and his wife, Ligia, have three daughters, all currently enrolled in universities.

Partner: Ligia C. Ingold