Apple University Faculty, Apple, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

SiprellKaren Sipprell is a faculty member at Apple University. Her responsibilities include teaching classes for employees on the company culture and its management philosophy, as well as consulting to global business leaders regarding learning and development initiatives for their teams. Karen’s tenure at Apple stretches back to the 80s. Prior to joining Apple University, she was a Senior Director in Apple’s Marketing Communications group. In that capacity, she managed teams responsible for product launches including the original iPhone and iPad, as well as numerous iterations of the Macintosh and iPod. Karen’s career has included senior level positions at NeXT Computer, Handspring and various marketing agencies. She was also the Executive Director of “Supporting Our Sons,” a non-profit dedicated to improving educational environments for young boys. A native of Buffalo, New York, Karen graduated from Stanford with an AB in English and has made her home in California since then. She has a son, Logan, who is a college student and volunteer firefighter in Connecticut. Karen lives in Palo Alto with her husband Mac Irvin (Stanford ’80), who is a DCI Partner.

Partner: Mac Irvin