Sara Singer, PhD, MBA

Faculty Director and Research Director

Sara Singer, a Professor of Health Policy and Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine and at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Freeman Spogli Institute, by courtesy, joined DCI as our Research Director in September 2022. Sara became DCI’s Interim Faculty Director in September 2023 and Faculty Director in January 2024, succeeding Richard Saller.

Sara’s research in the field of healthcare management and policy is informed by her interdisciplinary training in health policy, organizational behavior, and general management. Using innovative mixed methods and organizational theories, she studies health care teams and organizations to understand how leaders and policymakers can improve the safety and quality of health care delivery through changes in institutional culture, leadership, organizational design, and team dynamics.

DCI is committed to research that will further our understanding of the impacts of the program on enhancing longevity, supporting life-career transitions, and creating opportunities for intergenerational learning and connection within existing University structures. Sara’s combination of interests and  depth of experience in the fields of medicine and the study of organizations is well-suited to examining the potential impacts of DCI on individuals and institutions. 

Sara is looking forward to working with the Fellows and DCI team to gain further insight into the impact of the fusion of renewed purpose, community building and a recalibration of wellness, on the life journeys of DCI Fellows and Partners.

Sara Singer, PhD – Stanford Profile