Program Overview

Individualized Exploration and Discovery

 University Courses 

• Purpose Pathways

Faculty Advisors

• Opportunities for Personal Health Assessment

Life Transition Resources

Learning and Connecting in Community

•  Faculty-Fellows Dialogues on topics spanning the intellectual breadth and depth of Stanford University
Transformation Series

DCI Colloquia – example: Election 2020: Context and Consequences

Intergenerational Learning and Social Networking

• Systematic data gathering from those who participate that will provide insights to be shared among our community and will advance our understanding of life-career transitions.

Evening dinner discussions with Stanford leaders

Dedicated community space on campus that facilitates networking with each other and with Stanford faculty, students and staff.

Social events ranging from walks and hikes to participation in the extensive array of arts and athletics programs at Stanford.

Impact Opportunities 

dciX provides a range of impact opportunities for current DCI Fellows and Partners and for DCI alum who want to continue their involvement with the DCI program and Stanford University.

Opportunities include Intergenerational Engagement; deep dives into important issues and topics with Special Interest Groups; and curated workshops and initiatives. A key goal of dciX is to harness the talent and expertise of the DCI Fellows to benefit Stanford and beyond, as well as create social and economic impact with other DCI Fellows. Read more…

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