"The value of getting back into an educational environment with intergenerational experiences is transformative." - Carol Schrader, DCI 2019

The DCI for me, has been without a doubt, the best year of my life. It’s just a magical, stolen season.” - Frances Edmonds, DCI 2018

"Stanford is an intellectual Disneyland!" - Terry Eakin, DCI 2018/19

The Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI) seeks to improve the life journey of accomplished individuals in midlife by helping them renew their purpose, build community, and recalibrate wellness ­– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. DCI also seeks to foster intergenerational engagement in an academic setting to help create a new paradigm for the university of the future.


Each person’s life journey is unique. DCI takes a holistic approach to supporting Fellows/Partners as they explore interests and renew their purpose. The DCI program is designed to allow individuals the time needed to reflect and identify options as they define a future life journey that provides purpose, meaning and value to them and to their community. All DCI Fellows and Partners have a Faculty Mentor who helps them develop a “map” for their purpose pathway, and modify it as needed throughout the program. The underlying goal of DCI is to equip Fellows with the tools for a more positive life journey. This process evolves from personal as well as community exploration and discussion.

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One of the most important and valued pillars of DCI is the opportunity to build friendships with individuals from around the world who are exploring their personal journeys and who are eager to share experiences with a new group of colleagues. From its inception, DCI has witnessed that each new class forges deep and enduring friendships and bonds within the class, as well as across different cohorts. Much of this happens organically as fellows get to know each other but this is also facilitated by programs that DCI offers to help catalyze relationships.

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DCI Fellows and Partners are supported by faculty Wellness Specialists with expertise in various aspects of well-being including physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Individually tailored guidance for personal wellness goals is provided by the DCI Wellness team, who facilitates access to the breadth of health and wellness offerings on campus, as well as recreation opportunities in the local community. Fellows and Partners can participate in group fitness programs, recreational classes, and wellness courses, as well as regular programming on components of health and wellness that impact long-term outcomes for improved healthspan.

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