DCI Team


Richard Saller, PhD

Faculty Director

Image of Katie Connor

Katherine Connor, MBA

Executive Director

Rebecca Taylor, MBA

Associate Director

Sara Singer

Sara Singer, PhD, MBA

Research Director

Susan Golden, Sc.D.

Director, dciX

Program and Admissions Team

Tamara Cogan

Tamara Cogan

Admissions Program Manager

Kelly Photo

Kelly Handal

Finance and Operations Specialist

Dana Guymon

Program and Events Specialist

Dianne Child

Dianne Child

Wellness Coordinator

Community Engagement and Outreach Team

Brittany Carlson Photo

Brittany Carlson

Community Engagement and Research Programs Manager

Kristin Goldthorpe

Kristin Goldthorpe

Communications Manager

Bonnie Zavon Photo

Bonnie Zavon

Community Engagement & Outreach Planner

Founding Leaders




Phil Pizzo, MD, Founding Director, Stanford DCI

Philip A. Pizzo, MD

Founding Faculty Director,

Kathryn M. Gillam, PhD

Executive Director, Emerita

Iris Litt, MD, Director of Research

Iris Litt, MD

Research Director, Emerita