Ronjon Nag

Founder, Thinkica, Inc., former Vice President of Blackberry and Motorola
Palo Alto, CA

NagRonjon Nag is the founder of Thinkica, an invention incubator. He was formerly a Vice President at BlackBerry and Motorola, acquirers of his companies.

In co-founding Lexicus (mobile input systems) and Cellmania (mobile app stores), which he sold to Motorola and BlackBerry respectively, Ronjon has been a pioneer of smartphones and the ‘app stores’ they depend on. He deployed the earliest smartphone componentry – touch screens, mobile search, voice recognition, text prediction and handwriting recognition. The results of these inventions have affected the lives of billions of people. Ronjon was awarded the Mountbatten Medal at the Royal Institution in London in 2014 by the Institution of Engineering and Technology for his contributions to smartphones.

He is also Chairman of Embee Mobile (mobile research), Ersatz Labs (machine intelligence in the cloud), and Payplant (alternative finance platforms). He is on the boards of Bounce Imaging (throwable tactical cameras), Introhive (sales automation software) and advisor to several entities including Vocal-IQ (spoken dialogue systems using machine learning), Mark/Space (mobile migration technologies), Kitchology (food allergy technology) and the UC Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator.

Ronjon has a PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University (UK), an SM in Management Science from MIT, and a B.Sc.(1st class honors) in Electrical Engineering from Birmingham University (UK). He was a Harkness Fellow at Stanford University’s Psychology Department in 1991, where he worked on artificial neural networks with the late Professor Rumelhart.