Rich Goldberg, PhD

Former Vice President, Corporate Quality, Cisco Systems
Los Gatos, CA

RGoldbergRich Goldberg is the Former Vice President of Corporate Quality at Cisco Systems. He joined Cisco in January of 2005, after spending 28 years at AT&T and Bell Laboratories.

At Cisco, Rich led programs that improve customer experience, through process, product and service quality. He also led the operations for Cisco’s Quality Experience Steering Committee, which brings together leaders from across the business to achieve company-wide quality excellence.
Rich is active in both academic and quality improvement communities. Currently, he serves as an advisor for the University of California San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, where he also chairs their Corporate Affiliates Program, and the University of the Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science. He is also an active member of the QuEST Forum Executive Board and the ASQ executive roundtable.

Supporting the community and driving awareness of diversity in the workforce are passions for Rich. Until recently he co-chaired Cisco’s Silicon Valley Civic Council, facilitating volunteerism and philanthropy across Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose. He also sponsors and participates in a number of programs that give visibility to inclusion and opportunities for women professionals at work, including co-leading the newly formed Cisco Men for Inclusion.

Rich has attended the Executive Program in Business at the University of Michigan. He has a PhD in Physics from Caltech, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from MIT.

When Rich isn’t working, he enjoys exercise, golf, home improvement projects, and spending time with his wife Linda, three children and two grandchildren.

Partner: Linda Goldberg