Health and Wellness Through the Life Journey

Experience DCI through Stanford Continuing Studies

We invite you to participate in “Health and Wellness Through the Life Journey,” a special course developed by DCI Founding Director, Phil Pizzo, MD and Kathryn Gillam, PhD, DCI Executive Director. This course will be offered through the Stanford Continuing Studies program for 8 weeks, June 28 – August 16. Each week a Stanford faculty member will discuss a topic that addresses how to rethink longevity and how to prepare for a healthier life journey that benefits our family as well as our community and ourselves. While we are each endowed with a biological program for life, the choices we make and the directions we take can have an even greater impact on how our lives unfold. We will explore some of these choices, options, and opportunities for enhancing the life journey with the hope that they will provide knowledge to keep us healthier, happier, and more engaged in the world in which we live.

Topics to be covered in “Health and Wellness Through the Life Journey:”

  • Nurturing the Inner Self: Our Microbiome and Nutrition
  • Longevity: A Long Bright Future and the Biology of Aging
  • Improving our Musculoskeletal Health and Endurance
  • Finding Illness Early: The Emerging Field of Molecular Imaging and Early Detection
  • Cancer Through the Life Cycle and What Can be Done to Prevent It
  • Our Genes, Behavior and Cardiovascular Health
  • Thinking About Our Emotional and Spiritual Health and Well-being
  • Thinking About Dementia and Its Prevention

Registration information is available at Stanford Continuing Studies, Summer Quarter 2017. For additional information, contact