Discussion Seminars


The DCI program begins in January and runs through December. It follows Stanford’s academic calendar and has a full program for winter, spring and fall quarters. There is not a formal schedule during the summer quarter. There are, however specific activities during the summer that might be of interest to individual Fellows and Partners.

Weekly Discussion Seminars

I. Faculty-Fellow Dialogues
The goal of this weekly informal lunch series is to bring the Fellows and Partners together with leading Stanford faculty to promote dialogue and discussion around a broad range of topics drawn from the rich and diversified offerings of Stanford University. The list below of the Winter Quarter 2015 topics is illustrative of those that will be offered in 2016.

Winter Quarter
1. The Roman Empire: Its Grandeur and Fall
2. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
3. Renaissance Machine Design
4. The Modern American Military and the State of Civil-Military Relations
5. The Physician in Modern Society
6. How Do People Learn Math?
7. The Flaw of Averages
8. Wireless Intercom and Internet Policy
9. How Stuff is Made

Spring Quarter
1. Gendered Innovations in Science, Health Research, and Environment
2. Secularism and its Critics
3. Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe and the United States
4. Environmental Literacy
5. Education and Society
6. Infection, Immunity and Global Health
7. Hormones in a Performance-Enhanced Society

Fall Quarter
1. The Aesthetics of Data
2. Public Policy and Personal Finance
3. Energy Options for the 21st Century
4. Great Discoveries and Inventions in Computing
5. Law and Order
6. Neuroethology: The Neural Control of Behavior
7. Science of the Impossible

II. Focus on Transformation
This weekly early evening reception series is designed to bring Fellows and Partners together to share lessons learned from their life journeys, to deepen knowledge about transforming lives through the lens of different diverse disciplines and to share lessons learned by Fellows during their participation in the Institute. The winter quarter 2015 schedule for this series is illustrative of the topics that will constitute the 2016 schedule.

Winter Quarter
1. The New Longevity
2. DCI Fellow Transformation Perspectives
3. A View from the Podium. The Art of Conducting
4. DCI Fellow Transformation Perspective
5. Women and Aging
6. Community Dinner
7. DCI Fellow Transformation Perspective
8. Give me a Child until he is Seven: The Early Roots of Human Behavior
9. DCI Fellow Transformation Perspective
10. Community Dinner: St. Lawrence String Quartet

Spring Quarter
1. DCI Fellows Transformation Perspectives
2. Gendered Innovations in Science, Health Research and Environment
3. Community Dinner
4. Depth Psychology
5. Law and the Biosciences
6. DCI Fellows Transformation Perspectives
7. Nonprofit Boards: 9 attributes of effective governance and your possible roles
8. DCI Fellows Transformation Perspectives
9. Community Dinner

Fall Quarter
1. Funding Social Impact
2. Think like a Designer
3. Self Theories
4. Learning to Change
5. Social Innovation and Engineering
6. Skepticism
7. DCI Fellow Reports
8. DCI Fellow Reports
9. DCI Fellow Reports
10. DCI Fellow Reports